3 Pack of Beeswax Foodwraps


1 X Medium

Approx 35cm x 25cm

1 X Large

Approx 40cm x 28cm

1 X XL

Approx 40cm x 45cm

3 Pack Beeswax Food Wraps XL L M

$25.00 Regular Price
$15.00Sale Price
  • What are we for?

    Wrapping food for eating out, saving leftovers & keeping food fresh.

    A wonderful eco-friendly alternative to using Cling Wrap & Plastic Bags.

    Wrap up sandwiches for school, cut up fruit, leftovers, blocks of cheese, casserole dishes, pet food tins etc


    Why make the change?

    Help the environment by reducing the need for single use plastic.

    They last for 150 uses!

    Chemical Free! Antibacterial, Airtight & Waterproof!

    Compostable when disposed of.


    How to use!

    Cover food,